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Doust Properties is focused on delivering customized niche all-inclusive services to select clientele. Rather than focusing on exponential business growth, we focus on strengthening each relationship and delivering impeccable service to each and every one of our clients.

We aim to build a lifelong relationship with all of our clients. Please read our client’s testimonials HERE.

Amir Doust, the founder of Doust Properties is a seasoned Real Estate professional and offers the following services along with his team of realtors.

Residential Sales

Amir will evaluate your home, and offer you the following services:

  1. Offer advice on preparing your home to become attractive to prospective buyers
  2. Market your property using Amir’s proprietary marketing techniques the details of which will be discussed with clients in person.
  3. List your property on MLS and various websites.
  4. Create customized professional photos, layouts, videos and print material.
  5. Hold open houses as appropriate and convenient.
  6. Communicate a weekly report to the client showing all showings, feedbacks, future activities.
  7. Negotiate on your behalf in your best interest in mind to obtain the best possible outcome.

Commercial Lease, Sale & Purchase

Amir can offer you the following services in regards to commercial properties:

  1. Find a suitable location for your business type.
  2. Evaluating price and comparable properties to give you a complete picture of your options.
  3. Confirming zoning bylaws to ensure compliance with your business activities.
  4.  Negotiating the terms and conditions of the contract with your best interest in mind.

Residential Rental Management

Most home owners have had bad experiences with some renters.
We will do the following to eliminate your headaches.

  1. Conduct a credit check on all rental applicants.
  2. Conduct phone interviews with all references and complete a background check on the applicants.
  3. Determine a fair rental value and negotiate to obtain the best value for your rental.
  4. Conduct a move in and move out inspection with every renter.
  5. Collect the rents and deposit in your account.
  6. Refer all repairs and maintenance to qualified tradesmen and deduct costs from the rent.
  7. Conduct periodic inspections as needed.